VIP Membership

VIP Membership is still available at Yorkshire Kettlebell Club for those that are truly serious about their training and for those that want something more than just another regular bootcamp! VIP membership gives you access to all of our sessions, including bootcamp, at no extra cost. You can attend as many bootcamp sessions as you wish (there are 8 a week), plus our Boxing/Strongman sessions (2 a week) and even our Saturday session!  

As there's the possibility that some people may not have been quite as disciplined during lockdown as they normally are, from now on VIP members can even book to use the gym on their own outside of class times. Of course i'll also be there to help or advise, but if you want to get some extra training in without the crowds, queues and ridiculous conditions which the large public gyms will face - then this is for you!

VIP Membership is still just £77 a month. If you were to attend just 3 scheduled sessions a week at £7 each, that would be £90 a month so the VIP Membership is considerably cheaper! However, memberships are limited. We are a relatively small private gym and that's how we intend to stay. There will never be more than 12 people at any one time in our personal training studio sessions and we don't do crowds or queues - social distancing and safety are of course important to us.

To book your VIP Membership please click the button below. 


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