Special Offers - Personal Training

Yorkshire Kettlebell Club is primarily a personal training gym. Although it is a big space and fully equipped with everything you'd find in a regular, commercial gym, most people who train with us are looking for that bit more. At Yorkshire Kettlebell Club we value privacy, when you book a personal training session you will have the entire gym to yourself and need never feel nervous or self conscious. 

However, when we opened the first Yorkshire Kettlebell Club back in 2012 the idea was that the gym would still be accessible to all and we still believe that. Although it is a private gym and kitted out with some of the best, custom built equipment available we still want it to be affordable and for bespoke, one to one personal training to be something that isn't seen as being just for the elite.

So with that in mind we've put together a personal training package that offers absolutely everything you need to kick start your fitness journey and gives you the support to grow and develop! 

The package includes:

  • 1 x one to one personal training session each week in our private gym. 

  • Up to 3 x group personal training sessions per week in our gym (group PT sessions are limited to just 8 people to ensure that everyone gets proper coaching and support throughout).

  • Up to 3 x Yorkshire Bootcamps circuit training sessions in our sports hall per week.

  • Bespoke diet plan and support. 

  • Access to our gym for extra training if required (booked in advance).

All personal training and small group personal training sessions are held in the gym of Yorkshire Kettlebell Club, our bootcamps are held in the sports hall. 

This package is now available at just £177 per month

with no contract or minimum term!

Personal training in a regular, commercial gym would cost between £30 and £40 a session plus you'd need your monthly membership at £20 - £30, so the equivalent package in JD for example is likely to cost between £160 and £200. The main difference of course being that for all personal training sessions at Yorkshire Kettlebell Club you'll have the entire gym to yourself whereas at JD you'd be surrounded by hundreds of people. Our group PT sessions are limited to just 8 people to ensure you get proper coaching, at JD classes can be up to 30 people or more.


That's not to criticise JD or other large commercial gyms, for many people that kind of atmosphere is ideal, however those who come to Yorkshire Kettlebell Club are looking for something different and I only use them as an illustration of the difference in what we offer.

Although we've tried to match the large commercial gyms for price to ensure that training is still accessible for all, we believe the quality of the venue and the standard training we offer far surpasses that available in regular commercial or mainstream gyms.

Still unsure? Why not book a FREE personal training session and see the place for yourself? This session gives you a chance to look around the gym, meet Liam, see what training is like and ask any questions you may have. All without any commitment at all. To book your FREE session simply click on the button below (or email info@liamobrien.co.uk), or if you're ready to sign up and eager to get going as soon as possible simply click the 'Sign Up Now' button!