Personal Training

Personal training at Yorkshire Kettlebell Club is very different to that in the bigger, commercial gyms - as ours is a private gym, when you book a session with us you are likely to have the entire gym to yourself! A lot of people feel self conscious training in a public gym but at Yorkshire Kettlebell Club it's likely to be just you and your coach. We've found that our clients get more out of their training and get better results when they can concentrate fully on the session rather than worrying about what other people are doing. 

Of course Yorkshire Kettlebell Club was originally focussed on Kettlebell Training but over the years that has expanded. Our Head Coach Liam is a fully qualified World Kettlebell Club and IKFF (International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation) Instructor and in fact competed Internationally at Kettlebell or Girevoy Sport. Liam was coached by Ivan Denisov, Gregor Sobocan, Eddie Sheehan and Steve Cotter and was himself Coach to the Yorkshire Kettlebell Team. He now coaches with kettlebells for both fitness, and sport or competition.

As well as Kettlebell Training we offer Strength and Conditioning with a focus on traditional Strongman and Powerlifting styles of training. However don't think for a moment that Strength Training is only for the men or for those whose goal is to build muscle and physique, no form of training will help you lose weight and develop a lean, strong physique as effectively as true Strength Training! Our clients range in age from mid 30's to mid 60's and currently we have a 70/30 female to male split. Training at Yorkshire Kettlebell Club really is open to all regardless of age or current fitness!

Your first PT session will include an opportunity to discuss your goals, your fitness and training history, as well as any injuries or physical barriers that may limit the styles of training you do. We'll also go through a basic training session which gives your coach a chance to assess your movement and fitness as well as giving you opportunity to ask questions as they arise. This first session is FREE OF CHARGE and without obligation. 

To book your first session or for more information please contact Liam at or 07873 603 615.