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Yorkshire Kettlebell Club is a private gym and as such our membership is very different to the large commercial gyms. Whilst the big gyms need to have thousands of members to be viable, we limit our members to just 50 at any one time. 

We value the privacy and exclusivity of our gym, people who train here don't want to be surrounded by hundreds of others. They don't want to have to wait to use equipment, or most importantly in these troubled times, to have to worry about whether the equipment has been cleaned and sanitised properly. At Yorkshire Kettlebell Club each piece of equipment is cleaned and disinfected each time its used. Every single time. Although the bigger gyms will of course be trying their best to comply with the cleaning and distancing regulations as set out by the government and the council, it simply isn't possible for them to guarantee that the equipment is cleaned and disinfected properly each time its used. There's just too many people.

Our gym runs a closed door policy, you can't just turn up to train. Even though we only have 50 members we still strictly limit the number of people that can be in the gym at any one time and everyone who wishes to train must book their session. You can book your sessions Monday to Friday between 6.30am and 7.30pm. Saturday 8am to 12pm. There is of course no limit to the amount of sessions you can book or the number of times you can visit the gym but each time you visit you can be certain there will never be an issue with over crowding or social distancing. 

Equally we don't believe in contracts here, people train at our gym because it is we think the best of its kind. We'll never try and force you to stay with us by tying you into a contract and you may leave at anytime without penalty. 

Membership is £77 a month and for that you may attend any of our bootcamps or group sessions as well as using the gym yourself as many times as you wish. Of course all sessions must be booked in advance.


As we come out of lockdown we are offering a free two week trial so when you sign up you won't be charged until April 28th when the gym has been open for a full two weeks! If within that two weeks of being open you decide that our gym isn't for you then you may simply cancel without penalty or any payment being taken. Remember our membership numbers are strictly limited, once we're full we're full. Join now and reserve your place!

To sign up simply click the button below or for any questions please contact me. I look forward to seeing you at the new Yorkshire Kettlebell Club!

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