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Welcome to Yorkshire
Kettlebell Club!

Yorkshire Kettlebell Club is a private gym and personal training studio near the town centre of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Its is owned by Liam O'Brien who also owns the fitness company Yorkshire Bootcamps. 

The idea behind Yorkshire Kettlebell Club is that it should be a place where everyone feels safe and comfortable, where there is no ego or attitude, where everyone genuinely supports and encourages each other to achieve. A big issue with large, corporate gyms is the fact that they feel so impersonal, you're just another member out of thousands, more than likely tied into a 12 month contract. That will never happen at Yorkshire Kettlebell club, first of all we don't offer any membership contracts, our members train with us because they enjoy doing so and because of their achievements, not because they are forced to by being tied to a contract. 

Secondly our gym is private, it is not open to the general public, when you book a PT session with us you will have the entire gym to yourself. Many people feel self conscious in a public gym and don't feel able to relax or commit to their training session when they are always worried about who's watching them or whats going on in another part of the gym. At Yorkshire Kettlebell Club it is just you and your coach, no distractions.


If you join our group sessions and classes, again the entire gym will be set out for that session. Everyone trains together regardless of experience or ability and everyone should always feel confident to give their absolute best and to try new or unusual exercises or training styles. There are no spectators! Read more about our classes here...

The Gym
Yorkshire Bootcamps
About Me - Liam O'Brien

'After many years of general fitness and strength training I decided in 2006 that I would study and qualify as a personal trainer which I did in 2007. Back then my own training was pretty much exclusively strength work and bodybuilding however I also ventured into triathlon and then distance running and marathon. Next came kettlebell training and I first qualified as an instructor in 2008 before launching my first training company Pontefract Kettlebells. After a move  to Rotherham in 2012 I then launched the first Yorkshire Kettlebell Club which was home to the Yorkshire Kettlebell Team as well as a ladies powerlifting team and several strongman athletes.


After training with Absolute World Champion Ivan Denisov, Master of Girevoy Sport Gregor Sobocan and founder of the Girevoy Sports Union Eddie Sheehan I then decided to try my hand at Strongman and went on to train with  England's Strongest Man Phil Roberts, Worlds Strongest Junior Paul Smith and Deadlift Champion Andy Bolton. I competed in several contests at both under 90kg and Novice categories before opting to run one more marathon - The Sahara Desert Marathon. In 2017 I moved to Huddersfield and a couple of years later opened the latest Yorkshire Kettlebell Club.'

Contact Us


Apna Centre.

Prospect St.



T: 07873 603615

E: info@yorkshirekettlebellclub.co.uk


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